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Zenitel SPA-V2

Zenitel SPA-V2
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Command system broadcasts and loudspeaker Vingtor SPA-V2
The system of command transmission and handsfree SPA-V2 is designed specifically to meet the requirements for the provision of communication on board the vessel. It is a combination of different components with a set of standard features for the success of the crew alert. Designed to work on all types of vessels. Each rack SPA supports output power from 120 watts to 2800 watts.Designed for Speakerphones crew and passengers on significant events and emergencies .
System command broadcast Zenilel Norway AS Vingtor SPA-V2 is designed for Speakerphones crew and passengers on significant events and emergencies , two-way speakerphone organization between specific areas of the ship and for the centralized broadcasting audio entertainment. The system meets the requirements of SOLAS equipment to broadcast the command ship . PPP has type approval .
Technical indicators :
Technical data:
Power / Electric power supply: 115/230 V AC / 115/230V AC, 24 V DC / 24 V DC;
Number of lines / Number of lines: 6 ;
Operating temperature / operating temperature range:- 15C - +55 C;

  • SPA-120-V2, SPA-240-V2, SPA-400-V2 - translational Stoic / public address strut;
  • SPA-EE3-V2, SPA-AL-REL-V2, SPA-CHIME-V2 - function boards / function boards;
  • SPA-UPS - automatic switching relay;
  • SPA-MIH-V2, SPA-MIS-V2, SPA-M1H-D, SPA-M1S-D, SPA-M6H-V2, SPA-M6S-V2, SPA-M6II-D, SPA-M6S-D, SPA- M6HM-V2, SPA-M6SM-V2, SPA-M6HDM-V2, SPA-M6SDM-V2 - microphone panels / microphone panels;
  • SPA-AC6, SPA-AC6-D - alarm panels / alarm panels;
  • SPA-WI-V2, SPA-WI-D, SPA-WIAR-V2, SPA-WIAR-D, SPA-W2-D, SPA-W6A4, SPA-W6A4-D - combined microphone panels and combined alarms And microphone panels;
  • MB-30G, ETC-1, P-66, P-66/10-microphones / microphones;
  • VM-15R, VM-50R, VM-15RD, VM-50RD - volume controls / volume controls;
  • CL-200T, CAU-4T, CW-4T, CW-4T / VOF, CAR-4TF, VML-I5T (F), HP-IS (T), HP-30 (T), DST-100 &
  • DH-DA / DH-50, CAREEX-6T, DSP-l5EExeNT, HP-20ST - speakers / speakers.


Certificate RMRS
Certificate RMRS 'SPA-V2'
Brochure 'SPA-V2'

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