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SPA-7002 - is a command broadcast apparatus for transmitting voice service orders. The output power of the device is 200 watts. The system is suitable for installation on ships.


SPA-7002 is certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.


In addition to the transfer of official orders, SPA-7002 provides two-way speakerphone, internal communication, and audio broadcasting, radio and television. Supports CD Player and MP3. Moreover the system supports alarm.


Options is selected depending on the needs of the ship. The system may include Waterproof speakers size cabin speakers and various accessories. Loudspeakers have different mounting options. Also available are special speakers installed in the cabins.


The system can be used in conjunction with:

  • automatic telephone system
  • service telephone system,
  • SELF-POWERED telephone.

Options SPA-7000:

  • The main unit SPA-7000 Series
  • The remote control unit SBC-200F
  • SDM-720A Microphone
  • Waterproof microphone SDM-012 (with a cord 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 m)
  • Waterproof junction box
  • Waterproof junction box
  • Incorporating an emergency button alarm
  • Waterproof Speaker (stainless steel / wall-mounted / portable / flush-mounted)
  • to cabin loudspeaker
  • Rotary speaker holder SST-600B


  • Power supply - AC 110/220 V
  • Output power - 200 W
  • Operating Temperature - -5 °C + 55 °C
  • Humidity - 95%
  • Dimensions - 545 mm x 750 mm x 450 mm

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