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AKTC-1907 - is an emergency alarm system for marine use as a voice service orders transmission system supplying common ship an emergency alarm, and broadcast of sound recordings and broadcasting programs. Team telephone apparatus is constructed on the basis of the circuit stands, which are connected to various devices and the broadcast signal. Sending voice messages is carried out on translational lines. When submitting voice messages can bypass volume controls. The system takes precedence over the voice of entertainment programs and an emergency alarm. When power fails, switching to backup power automatically.
AKTC-1907 is certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.
Switching is a riser 19 inch metal cabinet with a set of modules that provide previously set operation. The system connects devices such as:
  • Microphone - connected microphone panels by a single two-wire cable;
  • Loudspeakers;
  • an emergency signaling devices;
  • Optional equipment.
Moreover AKTC-1907 interfaces to such systems and devices, such as:
  • DT-131;
  • ATC-1004;
  • Typhon;
  • Systems receiving the external audio signal (if available as part of the alarm generator system with DDR and fire alarms).
  • Translational lines - 6
  • translation Voltage - 100 V
  • Frequency range - 50 Hz
  • Power supply - 220 V or 24 V DC
  • Working temperature - -15 ° C +55 ° C
  • Protection class - IP22 / IP44 / IP56
  • Number of ports for connecting - 6/12/2
  • Number of beams for connecting the detectors - 5

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