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MTDS DS-6 - is a command broadcast apparatus, designed to work on ships, MODU SME NCP as a voice broadcast system, alarm and sound recordings. duplex hands-free system establishes a direct voice connection to other control panels. It meets the requirements of the requests I / O devices.
MTDS DS-6 certified Rossiysikm Maritime Register of Shipping.
Intercom is equipped with a display, which displays text messages. In addition to the display has a 16 line keys, with the possibility of adding 64 or 112 keys. For a direct call using WL / EL button to establish an acceptable volume level device has a dedicated controller. To send messages using an electret microphone on a flexible arm, is also integrated broadband microphone. DS-6 will record voice messages on a USB flash drive, which is installed inside the intercom.
Command broadcast system is made of durable impact-resistant plastic. Structurally it has no need for a large number of cables to connect and work. Overall dimensions make it easy to mount the DS-6 in a working console.
  • Power - 24 V DC
  • Number of keys - 16
  • Frequency Range - 100 Hz - 12 kHz
  • Degree of protection - IP30
  • Overall dimensions - 88x183x260 mm
  • Weight - 1.1 kg


Certificate RMRS

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