IMO Performance Standard for RADAR
29 October 2020
IMO Performance Standard for RADAR
• Current IEC Regulations
• Current SOLAS Regulations
• Future IEC Regulations
• Future SOLAS Regulations

Radar Performance Standards (current)
• Environmental Requirements – IEC 60945 4th edition
• Performance Requirements – IEC 60936-1 & IEC 936(1988)
• High Speed Craft Requirements – IEC 60936-2
• ARPA Performance Requirements – IEC 60872-1 & IEC872(1987)
• ATA Performance Requirements...
Navigation globe
24 August 2020
Navigation globe

Star Globe refers to navigational (or navigation) instruments that are used to determine the position of the vessel without the use of electronic devices.

With the help of the Star Globe, the position of the ship is determined by the stars, the names of the stars and celestial bodies are determined, the altitude and azimuth of the stars at a given time of day are determined. As an example - determining the time of rise of the polar star at a given height.

Super-Cup Kit
10 July 2020
Super-Cup Kit

NGSM released a modification kit for the NAVIGAT X MK1 / MK2, NAVIGAT 100/200 gyrocontainer in connection with the identified cases of temporary loss of course data.

Research by NGSM has identified possible power problems for the main board, which caused power outages. As a result, the gyrocontainer module rebooted and there was a loss of heading data for 40 seconds.

The Super-Cup Kit is designed to buffer energy and prevent power loss.

This kit must be installed on each container...

Replacing magnetrons in a Sperry Marine radar
23 June 2020
Replacing magnetrons in a Sperry Marine radar

Original Magnetrons for VisionMaster FT

Magnetron current adjustment.
(Only a qualified engineer can carry out such settings in radar stations)
  • X band 10 kW, from 4.5 to 7.0 A (modulator voltage from -610 to -630)
  • X band 25 kW, 6.0 to 8.0 A (modulator voltage from -620 to -640)
  • S band 30 kW, from 7.0 to 9.0 A (modulator voltage from -630 to -650)

1. Replacing the X-band magnetron:

1.1 The length of the magnetron wire should not exceed 257 mm, the ends of the wires should...
Charts Navtor
12 March 2020
Charts Navtor

NAVTOR's e-Navigation Suite ensures an easy transition to digital navigation, and help shipowners, operators and navigators simplify the management, distribution & updating of navigational data.

Advantages of the system NAVTOR:

  • Financial benefit. Pay only for the charts you actually use during voyages
  • Convenience. Distribution and updating of maps without using the DVD
  • Data compression. Reducing the cost of satellite Internet in the sea due ...
How to better set up Marine Radar to display ideal targets
27 December 2019
How to better set up Marine Radar to display ideal targets

Radars on board are probably the most commonly used equipment during navigation. This is a good tool for observing the environment. We are so dependent on the radar that sometimes we use it more than our eyes to look out. But radar is also the most underutilized equipment on board.

In most cases , only three controls are used to set up the radar: gain, sea, and rain. And when we do not use all the controls to set the image, the image may look cluttered.

What is the best way...

ECDIS Security Settings
27 December 2019
ECDIS Security Settings

But what if the ECDIS settings are not sufficient or incorrect? Incorrect settings pose a great threat to safe navigation.

Security Settings

Safety settings set the safety parameters in accordance with the static and dynamic characteristics of the vessel. These are ECDIS settings changes that come from traditional paper cards.

For example, is it possible to say that the blue part in this diagram is shallow water?

This is so and not so. For a small vessel with...

New Furuno X-band solid-state non-magnetron radar
22 December 2019
New Furuno X-band solid-state non-magnetron radar

FURUNO introduces its NEW 800 W X-Band Solid State Radar (IMO) and is the first to offer a complete magnet-free solution for radar / chart radars in both the X-band and S-band along with the addition of X-band models to the FAR series -2xx8 / 3xx0 NXT (from next summer 2020).

The absence of a magnetron means less power consumption and the absence of consumables while maintaining the same level of performance thanks to new developments in solid-state technologies. In other words, NXT ...

The Long Range Tracking and Identification (LRIT) System:
28 November 2019
The Long Range Tracking and Identification (LRIT) System:

System identification and tracking of the long-range (LRIT)

Long Range Ship Identification and Tracking (LRIT) is an international tracking and identification system.
LRIT has been officially registered since January 2008, i.e. ships that were built after December 31, 2008 were to have this system.

LRIT was developed in accordance with the recommendations of one of the resolutions of the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC). This was done so that countries covered by the SOLAS Convention...
New Gyrosphere Container Mod.10 / 4 for Sperry Marine NAVIGAT Gyrocompass
7 November 2019
New Gyrosphere Container Mod.10 / 4 for Sperry Marine NAVIGAT Gyrocompass

This article provides information about the new gyrosphere container mod 10/4 and its installation in existing gyrocompass models. It can be used with existing mercury-free gyrospheres (Type 5000 with numbers 074829-0000-000 (regular type) and 074831-0000-000 (type HSC).

The new Mod.10 / 4 container uses camera-based optical capture technology to determine the position of the gyrosphere in the container. Since this technology involves the transfer of data to the MK1 main circuit...

Replacing the battery in the beacon PT9
27 June 2019
Replacing the battery in the beacon PT9

The heart of the PT9 ULB has to be replaced by competent skilled staff every three years, otherwise, the BSH approval will expire. Battery kit consists of a lithium battery, an O-ring, which has to be changed when the battery is replaced as well as a current date sticker for labelling of the acoustic beacon. The enclosed instruction manual gives detailed information regarding the correct battery replacement.

Use of an unauthorized battery will void the license and the warranty and may...

Gyrocompass price research
15 April 2019
Gyrocompass price research
The choice of gyrocompass model depends on the technical tasks that need to be solved, as well as the budget for the purchase and further servicing of the device.
  •  Expensive models of gyro compasses have mandatory periodic service checks and are also worth knowing about them.
  •  If you want to save and buy expensive equipment, it is also worth calculating the cost of its further maintenance.
We conducted a market research for the beginning of 2019 and collected such data. The ...