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MPA 1600

MPA 1600 - is a command broadcast apparatus, for use on ships and offshore platforms. broadcasting system fully complies with the requirements of SOLAS, IMO and to IEC, which are shown to the general warning devices, alarm devices and radio transmitters broadcast the music. It meets the requirements of the most common specifications.


MPA 1600 is a modular design, with which is possible to achieve different system configurations:

  • Small ship Public address system
  • A more complex backup system with full redundancy.

In any configuration can accommodate up to six coverage areas and entertainment content source 2, with a choice of operation in any of the zones. Fully functional control units, as well as cabinets and racks are integrated terminators. There are 2 entrances to the emergency microphones. You can connect external sources DICS series signal and the PABX, but also activate an external alarm system. Panic alarm has a dedicated interface for automatic or manual operation. priority levels are set in advance. Volume entertainment when the alarm is regulated by lock. Additionally connects hazard warning lights.


  • Coverage Areas - 6 zones
  • Emergency microphones - 2 pcs.
  • Power Supply - 24 V DC
  • Gain - 120 W, 240 W, 360 W
  • Overall dimensions - 144x144 mm
Certificate RMRS
MPA 1600
MPA 1600
MPA 1600

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