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    • ITS-1010Digital integrated shipboard communication system

      public address communication in the following modes:
    • pair communication mode allowing additional users to be quickly connected to a conference call;
    • selective or pre-defined conference call;
    • broadcast communication (commands are transmitted to all substations and all zones);
    • emergency call.;
    • automatic telephone communication in the following modes:
    • pair communication (forwarding call, forwarding call if the line is busy, return call, number repetition, abbreviated dialing, etc.) and priority caller;
    • selective or pre-defined conference call.
    • radio telephone communication (RTC) with following capabilities:
    • providing an extension (via base unit) to internal telephone sets (including other RTC devices);
    • intercommunication within one base unit (the line is not busy).
  • automatic telephone line with coastal stations;
  • video communication (using telephone sets of PT-VC type and digital PoE lines);
  • announcement can be provided from user substations and PBX sets (requires external public address unit – at option);
  • communication between users of loudspeaker system and PBX;
  • incoming call is indicated by external light and sound units;
  • automatic recording of voice messages;
  • administration, settings and diagnostics of the system are made by a PC.
Certificate RRR
Sertificate RRR of ITS-1010
Certificate RMRS
Sertificate RMRS of ITS-1010

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