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'Ryabina' - is a unified equipment designed to provide loudspeaker communication on the ship. Transmits service messages and audible alarms. Supports the function of two-way communication between different rooms on the ship and the central post.

'Ryabina' is certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

System is made of impact-resistant materials that are resistant to high humidity levels, as well as to vibrations. The acceptable temperature range is -10 + 50 ° C. The system has a doubled output stage of the power amplifier and automatic adjustment of the output circuit, thus providing a clean signal. To maintain the functionality in continuous use, the function of switching the output power from AC and DC is used. 'Ryabina' is equipped with an amplifier with a power of 50 watts. The GCC is fully operational right after switching on.

  • The input voltage is 780 ± 100 mV
  • Output voltage - 30 V
    Load resistance - 18 Ohm
    The coefficient of nonlinear distortion in the frequency band is 80 - 10,000 Hz
    Power factor - not less than 0,7
    Operating temperature -10 + 50 ° С

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