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AGSS-01 - is a Loud-speaking simplex communication and broadcasting, designed for use on small vessels. Provides communication selected groups of subscribers.


AGSS-01 is certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.


Apparatus 01 carries AGIU-conducting connection and broadcast via devices such as central devices - K-10 / 4A-6 K / 4A-K and 10A-K 6A, peripheral devices - K-SW 1A and 1A. Notification takes place on 4 lines of translation.


The components of the apparatus AGSS-01 are:

  • Subscriber unit 10 GHS lines - K-10A;
  • Subscriber unit 6 GHS lines - K-6A;
  • The subscriber unit per line SHS K - 1A (bryzgozyschischenny);
  • The subscriber unit per line GHS - KV-1A (waterproof);
  • Source autonomous and remote power - BP-A;
  • The device is light-signaling devices - PSS-A.

By design features AGSS-01 systems should include the ability to install devices both on open decks or in private. Also elements can be incorporated into special panels for subsequent installation on the walls.


The constituent parts of the broadcast equipment include:

  • The device broadcasts a broadcast on 4 lines - PT-2A;
  • The device broadcasts - A PN sequence;
  • power broadcast Block - A, b and c;
  • Shield Line - SCHL-A;
  • Rectifier - B-1A.


The constituent parts of the apparatus include:

  • Subscriber units 10 and SHS lines 6 and 4 directions broadcast alerts lines - K-10 / 4A-6, and K / 4A;
  • Subscriber unit 10 SHS areas - K-10A;
  • Subscriber unit 6 directions GHS - K-6A;
  • The subscriber unit per direction SHS K - 1A (bryzgozyschischenny);
  • The subscriber unit per direction GHS - KV-1A (waterproof);
  • Remote power supply, interface modules with broadcasting equipment, alarm and security alarm.

Communications equipment and translation provides:

  • Maintain command transmission switches;
  • Management team assists with the microphone station;
  • Keeping broadcasts;
  • The ability to switch, adjust the volume and tone controls on the four lines of the broadcast;
  • The possibility of broadcasting on four lines of translation;
  • Work with an emergency alarm;
  • Formation of control signals passing teams;
  • Broadcast video broadcasting feature.


  • Output power - 25 W
  • Power - 220 V AC
  • Power - 24 V DC
Certificate RMRS

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