Ship life saving appliances equipment

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The emergency-saving property consists of a number of rescue equipment and equipment used to rescue people at sea and in the event of liquidation of emergency situations on the ship.
The rescue and rescue equipment includes:
1. Life-saving equipment:
- Individual: lifebuoys, belts, vests, bibs designed to support one person on the water;
- Collective: rescue boats, lifeboats, life rafts (rigid and inflatable);
- Means for lifting people from the water: life-saving marine inflatable platforms and three-row ladders.
2. Portable drainage facilities:
- Motor pumps and electric pumps (submersible), water jet pumps;
3. Means of sealing damage to the ship's hull, pipelines and electric cables:
- Plasters (soft and hard);
- Wooden conical plugs;
- Stops metal sliding;
- Universal clamps for sealing pipeline damage;
- Combat splices with clamps for sealing electrical cables;
4. Fire-fighting equipment:
- Pumps;
- Fire barrels;
- Air guns and nozzles;
- Foam and carbon dioxide fire extinguishers;
5. Means of maintaining the vessel afloat and removing from the shallows:
- Pontoons;
- Motor pumps for pumping water and hydraulic monitors for soil erosion;

All rescue equipment is issued with the certificates of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS) or other classification societies recognized in the world. Vessels are supplied only by means that are established for each of them by appropriate norms and standards.