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Intercom systems ETB-100 communication command - is a system based on one main station and a wide range of substations. This model can support up to 10 communication lines with 24 V DC. The standard version has a built-in speaker and microphone output for manual or gooseneck microphone. ETB control unit has a separate terminal blocks for each substation. Suitable for use on ships.
ETB-100 certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.
Control Panel ETB-100 is protected by a button to call a certain line and press 'ALL', to send a voice message to all the substations. The keys have an LED backlight that flashes flashlight during a call. Thus, even in the noisy environment of the crew will be alerted applying call center panel. It works by a beeping sound and a voice message, which the volume is adjusted on the instrument panel. You can use a group or the general call. To send the message, the user must click the general or specific lines and speaking into the built-in microphone.
It is recommended to be installed in work areas. Due to the high degree of protection, the device can be placed in a closed and indoors. Installation is carried out using a special WBOKS box.
  • Power - 24 V DC
  • Installation - flush with 4 x 4 mm screws
  • Cable entry - 6 x PG-16
  • Protection Class - IP-41
  • Dimensions - mm 240h144h130
  • Weight - 1.8 kg
  • Power consumption - 1,3 A
  • Output power - 15 W
  • Frequency - 200 Hz - 8 kHz (-3 dB)
  • Operating Temperature - -20 +55 C

Certificate RRR
Certificate RMRS

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