1. Warranty duration and coverage

1.1 Warranty period

- Twelve (12) months from the date of installation of new equipment by LLC “Communication and Radionavigation St. Petersburg” or eighteen (18) months from the date of delivery, whichever comes first.

- Six (6) months from the date of installation of the equipment after repair by LLC “Communication and Radionavigation St. Petersburg”, but only  if the installation was carried out by employees of LLC “Communication and Radionavigation St. Petersburg”.

- Six (6) months for work from the date of signing the certificate of completion of work

(unless otherwise specified in the contract for the supply of equipment or additional agreements thereto).

1.2 Coverage

This warranty covers manufacturing defects of boards and units identified during operation of the equipment, provided that the CUSTOMER complies with the conditions of clause 4 of these warranty obligations and the rules for operating the equipment contained in the “User Manual”.

2. Warranty Limitations

The following equipment is not covered by warranty:

A) Equipment installed and put into operation by companies that do not have approval from the equipment manufacturer for these types of work.

B) Equipment repaired or modernized by companies that have not received written permission for these types of work from the equipment manufacturer.

C) Equipment on which the serial number has been removed, replaced, moved, or damaged.

D) Equipment whose software has been replaced or upgraded, unless the software was replaced in accordance with a technical notice from the equipment manufacturer by a company approved by the equipment manufacturer for these types of work.

E) Equipment damaged as a result of user negligence, violation of the rules for operating the equipment contained in the User Manual, improper use, improper installation and repair, supply of over or under power supply different from the power supply according to the specification, moisture, transportation and improper storage , force majeure (such as lightning, flooding, fire, etc.), accident.

E) Underwater and bottom devices and parts.

G) Electrical and signal connecting cables, and protective covers.

H) Consumables (fuses, lamps, paper, print heads, belts, cartridges, computer installation disks, batteries, batteries, etc.)

3. Payment restrictions

The warranty does not cover the following costs: duties, taxes, customs, warehouse, ferries, re-tuning, agency costs, taxis, public transport, toll roads, accommodation and food for a specialist, waiting time for delivery of the unit and the process of replacing it under warranty, use of port cranes, docking, underwater work.

LLC "Communication and Radionavigation SPb" does not bear any responsibility in accordance with the law for all possible consequences, except for the performance of the equipment.

4. Warranty claim procedure

4.1 Claiming a warranty.

The equipment must be registered and warranted within thirty (30) days from the date of commissioning. To do this, you must send an application for a guarantee using the attached form by e-mail: service@cirspb.ru

4.2 Filing a complaint.

A warranty claim can be sent to any official Service Center of Communications and Radionavigation St. Petersburg LLC. The following documents must be submitted:

1) Application for warranty repair using the attached form.

2) Service report on commissioning of equipment by a recognized company

from the equipment manufacturer.

The date of receipt of a request for warranty repair is the date of official confirmation of acceptance of the application for work.  


Download forms

Application for a guarantee

Application for warranty repair

Requests for warranty repairs will be accepted only on the approved form provided above.