A small vessel - a yacht or a boat - and a large sea ship need training and are equipped with the necessary radio navigation equipment.

     For owners of private small boats (GIMS), both in our country and in Europe there are no strict rules for equipping the equipment. However, the vessel must be ready for navigation, the occurrence of various abnormal situations and ensure the safety of the crew. Also, there are COLREG-72 (International Rules of Preventing Collision at Sea ) - from which you can make a list of the minimum equipment required.

     Equipment depends on the size of the yacht, the area of ​​navigation and the purpose (the fishermen require special equipment and echo sounders). Manufacturers offer many models: from expensive multifunctional to simple budget options.

     If you choose which equipment for a yacht, boat to buy. The radio will be required (the frequencies are selected depending on the area of ​​navigation - GDP / sea). Even an inexpensive echo sounder will be useful not only for the fisherman, but for the boats and boats use combined chartplotters-echo sounders. For large cruise yachts, stylish functional solutions can be chosen to ensure the comfort and safety of the crew.