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Brigantina - is a hands-free equipment and transmission designed for use on smaller vessels. Provides communication with selected groups of subscribers central station communications. Conformity with technical regulations on the safety of objects of inland waterway transport.


Brigantine is certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.


The device is made of durable materials that are resistant to the effects of climatic and mechanical factors. Safety class IP22 protects components from dust and moisture. Thus, the Brigantina ensures high reliability and availability. The system is controlled directly by the subscriber that does not require the presence of specialized personnel.


The main equipment KTU Brigantina:

  • Remote control TK10T or TK05T
  • switching unit
  • simplex communication unit VK10T (VK05T)
  • duplex unit VK10T (VK05T)
  • Subscriber simplex communication device KN01TS
  • Subscriber simplex communication device KV01TS
  • Subscriber duplex unit KN01T
  • Subscriber duplex unit vodozvschischenny KV01T
  • The device broadcasts on 3 directions
  • The instrument team gear on 3 directions
  • The device is light-signaling devices
  • Microphone splash
  • Splitter line broadcast on the 8 directions KR08T
  • The loudspeaker horn on the 10W and 30W
  • Speaker to cabin to 2W



  • Power - 220 V AC / 24 V DC
  • Operating temperature - 40C + 55C


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