Delivery of equipment purchased in the Svyaz and Radionavigation Group of Companies can be carried out in several ways:

Delivery by courier company in St. Petersburg:

  • The cost of delivery of equipment for St. Petersburg - 500 rubles
  • Delivery time is agreed with the manager after confirmation and payment of the order.

Attention!  Incorrectly specified phone number, inaccurate or incomplete delivery address may lead to additional delay!

Delivery time.

  • Weekdays - from 10:00 to 18:00 hours,
  • Saturday and Sunday - the day off, delivery is carried out only in case of an agreement.
* Courier delivery by the company is carried out only in St. Petersburg. Delivery to the LO is carried out by transport companies or courier services.

Delivery of transport companies in Russia and the world:

In other cities, including abroad, delivery is carried out by transport companies. 
The cost of delivery will depend on the company chosen by you and on the dimensions of the cargo.
Attention! The manager will coordinate the cost, timing and delivery options to your city if necessary.