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Integrated system BINOM

Integrated system BINOM
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'Binom' - is a digital integrated system of two-way speakerphone. It is intended for marine use as a voice service orders transmission system, two-way speakerphone. The main objective is to provide two-way communication. The system also translates from external audio targeted messages and radio programs.


'Binom' is certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.


'Binom' uses ISDN technology, modern elements of microprocessor engineering and technology organization of digital communication channels. ISDN - used to provide improved noise immunity.


The system consists of:

  • Central unit
  • control room
  • substations
  • peripheral devices


The design 'Binom' system is suitable for use in harsh environmental conditions. All elements of the well withstand high humidity, dust. Premises with high noise levels also affect the quality of communication. Moreover, the equipment is powered consumer devices, and information data on a 2-wire connection (regardless of polarity), which greatly simplifies the process of commissioning and reduces costs. Communication with substations subscribers is maintained at a distance of over 500 meters. 'Binom' provides the ability to use multiple dispatch consoles in one system. All subscribers are set to call priority.


 'Binom' is easily scalable architecture. The connection is made without additional configuration. Connected devices are auto mode Plug and Play. To transmit signals to subscribers of the system from an external device, provided AUX function. To set up and configure the devices in the system using a PC available Service has USB / Ethernet port.



  •  Voltage - 18.5 - 36.0 V DC
  •  Communication mode with the system devices - duplex, half duplex
  •  The power of one user channel - 20 W
  • Number of connectable substations - up to 54
  • Output power analog subscriber devices - 20 W (4 ohm load)
  • Band Frequency - 100 Hz to 11,000 Hz
  • Signal to noise ratio - not less than 60 dB
  •  Power output to the headphones - 150 mW
  •  Protection class - IP22
  •  Working temperature - -20 ° C to + 55 ° C

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