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Command broadcast device with emergency alarm system Kexun KG-T / KG-JK

Kexun KG-T / KG-JK command broadcast device with emergency alarm system

The device of such an alarm system has a wide range of functions and is designed to instantly alert and attract people's attention in case of emergency situations.

Thanks to the connection of alarm bells, a hands-free system on board and other means of notification, this device is able to send an alarm signal around the world, providing a wide coverage. In addition, various emergency indication systems are activated, such as a foghorn system, a fire alarm system, an ambulance indication system, etc.

Equipped with night lighting and dimmer functions, it allows you to maintain visibility and safety in low-light conditions. The fire alarm interface provides communication with existing fire safety systems, allowing you to detect and transmit information about possible fires.

The priority of the alarm system is organized in such a way that the general alarm has the highest priority, indicating a general alarm or danger. This is followed by a fire alarm, which indicates a possible fire threat. Manual alarm has the third priority and allows users to activate alarms manually if necessary.

The device can also be connected to a common alarm button, which facilitates the activation of alarm functions if necessary.

The described alarm system is a comprehensive and multifunctional solution that can effectively cope with various emergency situations and ensure safety and timely notification of people.

The system includes:
  • General Alarm Controller
  • Alarm Bell Control Unit
  • Remote control of the general alarm system
  • General alarm button
  • Fuse box
  • Sound and visual alarm unit
  • Warning light