Furuno LH-5000

Furuno LH-5000
Furuno LH-5000
Furuno LH-5000

Furuno LH-5000 - Loud speaker system for ships requiring high quality and organization of voice communications on board. The system includes 8 channels of general warning for coordination of any process, even on a large vessel or object, two powerful loudspeaker outputs of 30 watts (1 bow and 1 stern), a listening function for two-way communication, 8 automatic warning signals / signals, warning of fog, up to 6 connected loudspeakers for on-board communication and general alerts, built-in high-quality speaker. 

The lack of visibility due to fog can represent a very dangerous situation at sea. With 8 warning signals, including a foggy beep, the ships will be notified of your presence, and this will prevent a collision.

The main unit of the device, microphone and two-way communication loudspeakers are in a waterproof case. It is installed in the console. To provide two-way communication, you can use a horn speaker as a microphone (sold separately)

The alarm sensor includes the LH-5000 in the alarm system.


  • Loudspeaker: 30 W, 8 Ω (at 1 kHz, distortion 10%)
  • Local intercom: 5.0 W, 8 Ω (at 1 kHz, distortion 10%)
  • Internal speaker: 2.5 W, 8 Ω (at 1 kHz, distortion 10%)
  • External horn loudspeaker: 5.0 W, 8 Ω
  • Input impedance: Microphone: 600 Ohm; Additional input: 5 kΩ
  • Power supply: 12 VDC. current, 11 A
  • Operating temperature range: -15 ... +55 ° C
  • Protection class: IP 67

  • RMRS
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Furuno LH-5000

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