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CIS 3000

CIS 3000
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CIS 3000 - is a system of intra-command communication company Jotron. It is designed to create multiple communication lines on different vessels. The device is compatible with other CIS Jotron models. Due to its compact dimensions, the system unit is easily mounted in the dashboard.


Jotron CIS 3000 is certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.


Due to the use of the newest microprocessor, working capacity has been significantly improved. The CIS 3000 has a user-friendly interface and is fairly easy to use thanks to the touch keys. Signal flow is indicated by LED indicators. The device is equipped with a built-in loudspeaker and a microphone with a volume control. A dedicated connector is provided for connecting the external microphone.



  • Frequency range - 400 - 6000 Hz
  • Output power - 12 W
  • Power supply - 22-32 VDC
  • Weight - 1,25 kg
  • Dimensions -144 x 192 x 100mm

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