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Ship's clock system Kexun KZM Master & Slave

Kexun KZM Master & Slave Ship Clock System

The Master clock LCD display has a touch screen function and can display local time and GMT. The GPS interface can receive timing, and inside is a high-precision crystal oscillator which can meet the requirement self-propelled precision and two-way data transmission between it and the slave clock.
System composition:
  • KZM-1Z - master clock
  • KZM-1TQ - Wheelhouse salve clock
        Installed in the wheelhouse and equipped with a light that can work in the dark.
        Inside, it is necessary to install a high-precision crystal oscillator, which will meet the requirements of self-propelled precision.

  • KZM-TQ-T - dimmer
        One accessory for the controlled watch is installed in the place where it is convenient to control the brightness control of the backlight of the controlled watch.
  • KZM-1 - Slave clock
         The slave clock has a communication function and can receive the standard time or a command from the master clock, which will ensure synchronization between master clock and slave clock. Slave clocks will not work if they are not connected to the master clock.

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NGSM Information letter

NGSM Information letter

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