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Samyung SNP-100/200/400/800

Samyung SNP-100/200/400/800
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Command system broadcasts and loudspeaker SNP-100/200/400/800


Designed for Speakerphones crew and passengers on significant events and emergencies.

System command broadcast SNP-x00 series is designed for Speakerphones crew and passengers on significant events and emergencies, two-way speakerphone organization between specific areas of the ship and for the centralized broadcasting audio entertainment. The system meets the requirements of SOLAS equipment to broadcast the command ship. PPP has type approval.
     The system is highly reliable due to the complex of measures, including:
  • fully semiconductor circuitry CMOS technology;
  • duplicate the output stage of the power amplifier;
  • automatic adjustment of output power depending on the load;
  • AC mains and DC Auto Step;
  • built-in diagnostics and instrumentation;
  • construction resistant to moisture, mechanical stress and corrosion.


     The system has a broadcast command interface to the ship's automated telephone system, fire detection system, the control system Typhon, alarm system. 
      As part of SNP-x00 provides general shipboard generator alarms and fire alarm with manual or automatic control. 
      The system consists of up to two full-featured remote remote control, up to twenty-two-way speakerphone posts, cassette tape deck with CD player. 
      speaker system comes with a different type and output, including recessed, water-resistant and portable, adjustable sound intensity and without it.Provided translation function alarms with maximum volume. Also included are various types of microphones and junction boxes for microphones and loudspeakers. 
     Installations series SNP-400 (represented in the figure) and SNP-800 are available in single as well as in a double execution.



Parameter Value
Output power 100 W, 200 W, 400 W, 800 W to 2000 W.
Band 300: 8000 Hz with 6 dB uneven
Distortions Less than 5%
Signal / noise ratio 50 dB
The frequency of an alarm signal 1100 Hz, 400 Hz, 2 kHz
Food AC 220V, DC 24V
Power consumption 2 A for every 200 watts output (AC 220V)
Operating Temperature Range -10 ° C: +40 ° C
Relative humidity 90%


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according to the requirements of the Maritime Register of Shipping