Jotron CIS 3100

Jotron CIS 3100
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System Jotron CIS 3100  is designed to provide internal communication. The use of microprocessors has made block design system is more compact, as well as substantially uvelichelos performance  CIS 3100 .Sistema consists of three lines of different stations and substations 9000y different number series.

Block sizes systems are consistent with other blocks for console mounting. Blocks are black with comfortable controls, built-in speakers, microphone and volume control.

Jotron CIS 3100 has been approved by the Russian River and Russian Maritime Register.

  • Installation on the bridge wings
  • Audio. (0 dBm / 5 mV)
  • Built-in speaker
  • Integrated microphone
  • The volume control on the front panel
  • Connector for external microphone
  • Connecting additional speakers
  • 3102 for additional output lines 1-4
  CIS 3100 CIS 3101 CIS 3102
The number of stations on the line 5 10 20
Power supply 22-32 VDC
Current consumption 1A max max 2A max 3A
Frequency range 400-6000 Hz
Overall dimensions  144 x 144 x 100 mm  144 x 144 x 100 mm  144 x 192 x100mm Neckline: 115 mm x 163 mm
Output power max 12W max 2x12W max 4x12W


Certificate RRR
 Jotron CIS 3100
Certificate RMRS
 Jotron CIS 3100
 Jotron CIS 3100
 Jotron CIS 3100

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