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Furuno LH-3000

Furuno LH-3000
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The command and broadcast system Furuno LH-3000

The Furuno LH-3000 command and broadcast system with optional intercom function. The speakerphone system Furuno LH-3000 is designed for wide use, as a talker, on ships of various types, sizes and classes. 

The Furuno LH-3000 is intended primarily for alerting the crew and passengers of the vessel in case of emergency or emergency situations, which ensures the safety of people on board. With the help of the Furuno LH-3000 system, it is possible to organize a full-fledged two-way speakerphone for different zones of the vessel, for example, the engine compartment and the captain's bridge, which is very convenient. The command communication device Furuno LH-3000 can also serve on the ship as a centralized loud broadcast of sound and entertainment programs. 

Features FURUNO LH-3000:

Furuno LH-3000 is a lightweight and compact device in a waterproof case and complies with IPX5 and USCG CFR-46 standards. The Furuno LH-3000 includes an alarm generator with manual control.  
There are 6 international automatic sound signals in the device: 
   1. A vessel going with poor visibility (fog, rain, downpour, etc.);
   2. A sailing vessel sailing with poor visibility (fog, storm, rainstorm, etc.);
   3. Vessel carrying out towing (towing) in conditions of poor visibility (heavy rain, fog, storm, etc.);
   4. Stopped vessel (stop) in conditions of poor visibility (in fog, in case of heavy rain or rain, etc.);
   5. Vessel at anchor (parking) in conditions of poor visibility (storm, fog, rainstorm, etc.);
   6. A vessel that is in shallow water in conditions of poor visibility (fog, storm, rain, etc.).

The Furuno LH-3000 has the ability to manually add additional beeps. 
The Furuno LH-3000 communication system can provide four-way two-way selector communication, and the connection options can be different. In the Furuno LH-3000 line audio input, you can connect an external audio source, such as a radio or CD player, with the ability to loudly broadcast all the speakers, both indoor (installed indoors) and external (installed on the decks).  

Features of FURUNO LH-3000:

  • Intercom system with a capacity of 30 W (20 W capacity is possible) with a lot of output ports
  • LED indicators warn you about the condition of the equipment
  • The illuminated keyboard makes it easy to operate in the dark
  • A thoughtful design of the front panel provides intuitive control
  • Built-in high-quality speaker works both in Intercom mode (internal communication), and for hands-free
  • Siren function
  • External speaker output
  • Six automatic international warning signals: UNWY - moving vessel in low visibility conditions, SAIL-vessel under sail in reduced visibility, TOW-vessel in tow under reduced visibility, STOP-fixed vessel in reduced visibility, ANCH-anchored vessel in conditions of reduced visibility, the AGND-ship in shallows in conditions of reduced visibility
  • Manual control of warning signals YELP and On / Off
  • Four Intercom remote terminals provide two-way communication between the main and individual remote terminals or between all terminals simultaneously.
  • The auxiliary audio input device allows you to broadcast music and other external audio signals (audio player, CD player, radio, etc.) to internal speakers or external megaphones
  • Waterproof front panel IPX5 and USCG CFR-46 (the rear panel is not waterproof)
  • Ergonomic design LH-3000
  • The removable end clamps on the rear panel simplify the installation, dismantling and testing of the system
  • Bracket with hinge included in delivery; The frame allows to produce console mounting 


  • Output power:
  • Intercom 4.5 W
  • External speaker 4.5 W
  • 2.5W internal speaker
  • Input impedances:
  • Microphone impedance 600 ohms
  • Auxiliary microphone 10 kΩ
  • Frequency range:
  • Bell 100 Hz 8kHz 3dB
  • Intercom 100Hz 8kHz 3dB
  • Distortion:
  • Bell power 10% at a frequency of 1 kHz 30 W
  • Intercom 10% at a frequency of 1 kHz 4.5 W
  • Signal to noise ratio:
  • The bell is 60 dB (1 kHz)
  • Intercom 60 dB (1 kHz)
  • Output resistance:
  • Bell 8 ohm
  • Intercom 4 ohm
  • External speaker 4 ohm

Rated voltage: 

    - 12V DC;
   - 5A max current consumption;
   - 280mA quiescent current.

Operating temperature: 

    -15 o C to +55 o C;
   - Waterproofing IPX5, USCG CFR-46.

Complete set FURUNO LH-3000:

  • The main control unit LH-3000 with built-in speaker;
  • Microphone DM-2003;
  • Installation materials;
  • Standard spare parts kit;
  • Installation stencil;
  • A set of instructions (Russian / English).


  • Two-way communication block for internal premises 
  • Loudspeakers external HP15T, 20W
  • Loudspeakers external HP30T, 30W


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