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General ship layout and various systems

General ship layout and various systems

Shown here are diagrams of the general layout of the vessel (compartments, equipment) and various systems (air compressor, seawater system, fresh water system, electricity supply organization)

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Super-Cup Kit

NGSM released a modification kit for the NAVIGAT X MK1 / MK2, NAVIGAT 100/200 gyrocontainer in connection with the identified cases of temporary loss of course data.

Research by NGSM has identified possible power problems for the main board, which caused power outages. As a result, the gyrocontainer module rebooted and there was a loss of heading data for 40 seconds.

The Super-Cup Kit is designed to buffer energy and prevent power loss.

This kit must be installed on each container of NAVIGAT X MK1 / MK2 gyrocompasses, NAVIGAT 100/200

Since November 2019, all the gyro containers have been delivered complete with the Super-Cup service kit. It is also planned factory installation of Super-Cup in future deliveries.

Below is a guide for installing Super-Cup in the field on existing containers.

SBul 185 Super-Cap Kit for Mod 10-4 Container

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