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Parts Catalog of GC Yokogawa CMZ700

Parts Catalog of GC Yokogawa CMZ700

Appendix- Components List
Master compass ( MKM022 )

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  • RMRS
  • RRR

The lifebuoy is an individual rescue device for helping the drowning. It is a float made of solid material, has a torus shape, bright color and reflective bands. If necessary, it can be equipped with a luminous buoy, to detect the lifebuoy on the water in the dark. Withstands loads when dropped into the water from a height of at least 30 m.

According to the rules of the RRR, vessels must be equipped with lifebuoys on both sides of the ship, with a line of at least 30 m., In the amount of 2 pcs. for ships less than 30 meters, and 4 pcs. for ships more than 30 meters.

There are:

in the place of installation of the seawall;

on the pilot boat at the pilot's landing site;

at the place of production of outboard work;

for passenger operations at sea, in the area of ​​transplantation;

When mooring:

on the boat, with a line of 15 m;

When towing:

near the place where the tow rope is closed and when performing other works on the raft, with a line of at least 25 m.

The lifebuoys meet the requirements of SOLAS-74, RMRS and RRR.