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Smoke Detection System SDS-2/6

Smoke Detection System SDS-2/6

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New Gyrosphere Container Mod.10/4

This article presents information on a new container of the gyrosphere mod.10 / 4 and its installation in existing models of gyrocompasses X MK1 . It can be used with existing non-mercury gyroscopes (Type 5000 with numbers 074829-0000-000 (normal type) and 074831-0000-000 (type HSC).

The new Mod.10 / 4 container uses camera-based optical capture technology to determine the position of the gyro scope in the container. Since this technology provides data transfer to the main circuit board MK1, hardware modification and software upgrades are required. In addition, to connect to the main circuit board requires a special adapter cable (adapter) through the previously unused connector J6.

NGSM released a special update kit NAVIGAT X MK1 (storage number 025971-0000-000), which contains the necessary materials for modifying and supporting the Mod.10 / 4 container.  

It includes a new supporting liquid in a bottle with a green label 

(storage number 044810-0000-000).

Important notice: Before updating the NAVIGAT X MK1, make sure that the current version of the base plate (P / N 022407) and the current version of the main PCB (P / N 020672) are installed in this unit. The old models of the base plate and the main PCB are not supported for updating with the new Mod.10 / 4 container update kit. Also note that after the modification, it is impossible to use the previous container type, for example, Mod.10 / 3 or older, in this gyrocompass . 

It is very important: do not remove the camera module circuit board from the silver metal case from the assembly container, as it is precisely aligned during production.  

When updating the NAVIGAT X MK1, perform the following work:

 1. Installing the adapter cable to the red cable J4

2. Removal of resistors R104 and R105 and upgrade SW to V2.003 (red mark)

3. Correct setting of the jumper on the processor board of the Mod.10 / 4 container for operation in MK1 (upper setting of MKx)

4. Connect all cables back and new connectors of the cable adapter to J6 and J4

The new container mod.10 / 4 should be assembled as a container Mod.10 / 3 and filled with a new supporting liquid from a bottle with a green label.

After the new container is properly installed and connected, turn on the gyrocompass. If, after 5 minutes of operation, the course value is not displayed on the display and the container has not made turns to align with the sphere, perform a power cycle and check again.

In addition to the upgrade procedure, NGSM has released a new detailed installation and maintenance guide (document number 5000-0125-003) for the new Mod 10/4 container which is available on the manufacturer's website.

To update the NAVIGAT X MK1, you must order the following 3 items:

1. GYROCONTAINER / 10/4 KIT, consisting of:

  • Gyrosphere Container Mod.10 / 4
  • Support fluid for Mod.10 / 4 (green label)

2. 025971-0000-000 UPGRADE KIT for MK1 Mod.10 / 4, consisting of:

  • Adapter (cable)
  • Software EPROM V2.003 Rev A (red label)
  • A set of labels for the case, cable tapes

3. 4914-0125-16 Instructions for retrofitting in paper version

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