Signaling facilities

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Signaling means are intended for visual and audible signaling in various emergency situations and for attracting attention. Visual signaling means are:
• Subject (signal flags, figures, flag semaphore);
• Light (signal lights and lights, spotlights);
• Pyrotechnic (signal rockets, cartridges, torches).
Audible alarms: sirens, megaphones, whistles, etc., wire and radio communication can also be used.

Signals are effective in all weather conditions and at any time of the day, stored in waterproof metal cabinets or boxes fixed on the deck of the navigation bridge or in cabinets built into the bulkheads of the navigation bridge.
Shelf life is not less than 3 years.

All signaling facilities meet the requirements of SOLAS-74 and RMRS and must be on each ship in the amount of:
• parachute ship missiles -12 pcs .;
• rocket sound - 12 pieces;
• red fenders - 12 pcs.

Also, the Marine Register recommends having:
• a one-time green rocket-12 pcs .;
• one-star red rocket - 12 pieces;
• White falshfeer - 12 pcs.