Repair departments

Recovery of processor units of the PRAXIS alarm system
9 June 2022

❌ All three blocks did not start
❌ The program did not load

✔️ The defect was eliminated by replacing faulty electronic components...
Radar bell repair
9 June 2022

❌Radar bell damage

✔️Radar bell repair

No unsolvable problems were encountered.

Surprise is a strong point not only for strange equipment...
Repair of Consilium ECDIS (Selemar)
4 October 2021

❌ Ripples on the screen
❌ Burnt out power supply

✔️ Replacing two capacitors in the power circuit

If you encounter such a problem,...
Repair of Skipper GDS 101
4 October 2021
Furuno VR3000 black box received for repair

❌ The echo sounder does not see the bottom

✔️ Quick replacement of a faulty transducer amplifier...
Repair of SAILOR RT5022
4 October 2021
Another patient was brought to the table of our operating room - the SAILOR RT5022 VHF station, unique in its kind with excellent technical characteristics...
Repair of Navtex Samyung SNX-300
4 October 2021

NAVTEX Samyung SNX-300 receiver - developed in 2005 by #Samyung - is an effective GMDSS instrument on a ship, automatically delivering navigation,...

Repair of Furuno VR3000
6 May 2021
Furuno VR3000 black box received for repair

❌ Error 82 - alarm panel does not see the black box.

✔️ In the course of the work carried out...
Repair of FLIR M617CS
6 May 2021
The FLIR M617CS thermal night vision system has been repaired

❌ Received with a malfunction - does not work in vertical stabilization mode.

Repair of Sailor HC4500 MF / HF CU
6 May 2021
Sailor HC4500 MF/HF CU received for repair

❌ Received with a malfunction - there is no image on the screen.

✔️ In the course ...
Repair of SAMYUNG STR-580D
29 April 2021

VHF SAMYUNG STR-580D received for repair

❌ According to the crew - unstable signal reception

❌ During fault detection, faulty...

Repair of Powerflex PB350 / 412 Power Supply
11 March 2021

В ремонт поступил блок питания Powerflex PB350/412

❌ Fault detection showed the absence of output voltages

❌ The power supply...

Repair of Sailor 6222
10 March 2021

The Sailor 6222 radio station has been repaired

❌ The flash memory of the device was out of order, as a result of which it did not start...

Repair of Sailor TT-6365B
29 January 2021

 The repair department received a faulty the MF / HF radio station Sailor 6365B

❌ The power supply was short-circuited

✔️ The...

Repair of AIS Sailor TT-6282
13 January 2021

   Repair of AIS Sailor TT-6282

❌ AIS did not start

❌ There was no connection to the panel, it gave an error "BDU ...

Repair of Furuno FM 8500
23 December 2020

Repair Furuno FM 8500 radiostation

❌ During device fault detection, it was found that there is no image on the main screen


Repair of CTX-A370-1
14 December 2020

 The repair department received a faulty CTX-A370-1 of Кelvin Hughes

❌ During the fault detection of the device, a...

Repair of Sailor HC 4500
27 October 2020
The repair department received a faulty Sailor HC 4500 panel. Sailor HC 4500 is part of the Sailor 4000 modular system. It is a MF / HF maritime radiotelephone...
Repair of GA-04 course translator board
8 October 2020

The repair department repaired the GA-04 course translator board

❌ During fault detection, traces of overheating were found on the control...
Repair Navitron NT920AHR
29 September 2020

This is an analog course repeater suitable for use with the Navitron NT850 ship control system. Easy to use, it supports self-test and accepts heading...
Repair of VEGA VG-304
25 September 2020

We have received a portable river VHF radio station VEGA VG-304 for repair

❌ During the flaw detection of the device, it was found that...
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