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Sliding lifting device SPU pr. SHEAV550

Sliding lifting device SPU pr. SHEAV550
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Slip-lift device SPU pr. SHEAV-550.

Designed for the rescue boat and rescue raft descent type with electric winch.

The device provides:

- launching of a full service dinghy and a crew of 6 people or a raft with full supply and people according to the passport data of the raft (with a total weight of up to 1700kg) when the ship is heeling up to 20 ° on any side or in a 10-degree differential, and also at a speed of vessel up to 5 knots in calm water;

- Lifting and piling on board the rescue boat with full supply and a team of 6 people.

Technical data:

Maximum weight of the crew on duty boat, kg


Maximum weight of the raft, kg


The maximum radius of the uncoupling device, m


Angle of rotation of boom, not less than, degree


Speed ​​of launching of the rescue boat. m / s (m / min)

1-1.25 (60-75)

Speed ​​of lifting of the rescue boat when the electric drive is running, not less than m / s (m / min)

0.3 (18)


Certificate RMRS
Certificate RMRS

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