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Ship kit AC 2013

Ship kit AC 2013
Ship kit AC 2013
Ship kit AC 2013
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The ship's first aid kit type AS-2013 is a set of medicines and medicines to provide emergency medical assistance to crew members and passengers on sea and river vessels that do not have a medical officer in their staff list. Medicines and medical products in packages are in a bag in two mini-cases.

The material of the bag is resistant to rotting, corrosion and excessive exposure to sea water, oil or fungi, to vibration and storm weather conditions and retains its properties under the influence of the environment and during its service life.

The ship's first-aid kit is completed in accordance with the requirements of the International Guidelines for Shipboard Medicine, 3rd edition, the quantity is regulated by the Order of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation No. 499 of May 5, 2012 and No. 984 of November 29, 2012, guidelines for the packaging of medical first-aid kits Safety regulations for vessels of the marine fleet RD.31.81.10-91, Annex 12 and TU).

AU-2013 with the RMRS certificate is intended for equipping sea and river vessels of an unlimited navigation area that do not have a medical officer in the staff list.


  • The first-aid kit is delivered in a bag
  • Medicinal products and medical products included in the first-aid kit have the necessary quality certificates
  • Storage temperature: 0С + 30С
  • Instructions for use: included
  • Unit of measurement: pcs.
  • Net weight: 10.0 kg
  • Volume: 0.12 m3 / cu.
  • Has the Certificate of the Russian River Register (RRR)
  • Has the Certificate of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS)
  • Shelf life: 5 years

Certificate RMRS
Certificate RMRS АС-2013