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Flashlight explosion-proof SGV-2

Flashlight explosion-proof SGV-2
  • RMRS
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Lamp head explosion-proof SGV-2 complete with battery.
It consists of a battery pack with a cover and headlights connected by a flexible cord.
The lantern is equipped with a strap for securing the headlight and a fabric bag with a compartment for the battery pack, headlights and accessories.

СГВ-2.1 Х1 Х2
СГВ - headlight explosionproof
2.1 - modification:
• 2 - there is no small illumination mode
• 2.1. - there is a mode of small illumination
X1 - climatic performance and placement category according to GOST 15150
X2 - designation TU

Applies to: 
  • for individual illumination of the workplace and darkened sections of the path;
  • in explosive areas of premises and outdoor installations;
  • in rooms in which flammable gases and vapors of flammable liquids are released;
  • on ships of the sea and river fleet.
Used at temperatures from -20C to + 50C.
Degree of protection from external influences - IP54.
Protection class against electric shock according to GOST - III.

Certificate RMRS
Certificate RMRS

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