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Gas analyzer SGG-20Micro

Gas analyzer SGG-20Micro
Gas analyzer SGG-20Micro
Gas analyzer SGG-20Micro
  • RMRS
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SGG-20 Micro -portable signaling device , leak detector of combustible gases.
Created for:
  • Ensuring the safety of personnel against the risk of occurrence of potentially explosive concentrations of multicomponent air mixtures of combustible gases and vapors with air;
  • detection of places of leakage of liquefied and natural gases, hydrogen and other combustible hydrocarbon gases.
Applies to:
  • at enterprises and in the processes of extraction, processing, transportation and storage of natural gas, oil and oil products;
  • at industrial enterprises (the production of varnishes and paints, paint shops, alcohol warehouses, etc.), including during welding operations in the vicinity of containers with flammable liquids;
  • on objects of sea and river transport, ports, tankers and vessels of various purposes;
  • at oil refineries, NGDU, oil depots, enterprises transporting oil.
The type of gas analyzer is individual.
The method of sampling is diffusion or forced, due to an external stimulus of consumption or from a rubber pear.
The principle of operation is thermochemical.

The device has several modifications. All modifications (except SGG 20-Micro-02GD) comply with the requirements of the Rules of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS) and the Russian River Register (RRR).


 Name Value  Application 
 Alarm operation time in a cyclic / continuous / leak detector modes, s, no more than  


 Marking of explosion protection  

1ExibdIICT6 X

 Operating temperature range, ° С      

-40 to +50

 Degree of housing protection       



of the sensor unit IP54

 Continuous operation time, h, not less than      



at an ambient temperature of (20 +/- 5) ° C

 Overall dimensions, mm, not more than      



sensor unit: length - 100, diameter - 20

 Weight, kg, no more than      



Certificate RMRS
Certificate RMRS