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"COMET 250" emergency line-type meter

"COMET 250" emergency line-type meter
  • RMRS
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The emergency line-mixer "COMET 250" is  used to feed the line to the vessel. It consists of four containers with lines, each with 250 meters and a charged rocket. It is designed to provide the possibility of re-mooring the vessel during unfavorable weather, as well as for other tasks requiring the feeding of a line.
In accordance with the requirements of SOLAS, there must be 4 such devices on board the vessel. They can be located in one place, and are dispersed throughout the vessel, giving the opportunity to launch simultaneously from different positions.
The line gauge is manufactured and delivered to the ship with the RMRS certificate.

Technical data:
Height - 313 mm,
Length - 330 mm,
Diameter - 205 mm,
Weight - 4,3 kg,
Shelf life - 3 years.

Certificate RMRS
Certificate RMRS

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