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Daylight signaling lamp (bulb Ratera) CC-906M

Daytime Alarm Lamp CC-906M   is a signal lamp used for signaling with a narrow beam of light sent in a certain direction, which can only be seen where it is precisely pointed). The lamp consists of a metal casing, with an electropatron installed in it and an optical system, a plastic handle with a control mechanism. The power unit of the device consists of a metal case divided into two sections. In one of which is a recharging device, in the other when charging and recharging a battery case is installed.

The electrical connection of the alarm lamp to the power supply unit or to the battery is made using a standard cable of the type 1SPES 2x1.5 mm2 with a connector of the type 2RTT The length and section of the cable is not permissible /

  • Power is supplied from a standard battery or from an alternating current network.
  • Transmission of light signals is carried out with the help of focused white rays by the Morse code
  • The degree of protection of the alarm lamp - GR 44, power supply - GR 42

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