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SmartFind S20 AIS MOB Device

SmartFind_S20 AIS MOB Device is a personal device AIS MOB (man of board), designed to save people overboard. Made in a lightweight compact casing, which allows you to always have the device with you. SmartFind S20 is specially designed as a personal search and rescue device AIS for fast and efficient search of the missing crew member. It is compatible with many existing AIS graphics plotters and on-board navigation systems. Provides a reliable and economical solution for crew safety.  SmartFind S20transmits GPS location information and serial identification number. A built-in high-precision GPS receiver provides accurate position information for rapid detection. SmartFind S20 will work continuously for 24 hours and has a 7-year battery life. It is also equipped with an LED indicator that helps with searching at night. 

  • Built-in self-diagnosis with battery indication.  
  • Compatibility with AIS plotters and on-board navigation systems.
  • Compact and lightweight, can be mounted on a life jacket
  • Sends a location report every minute
  • Flashing LED and buzzer
  • Minimum continuous operation within 24 hours
  • Provides precise location, azimuth and distance

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