ASNAP-M2 - is a free pop-up satellite EPIRB international search and rescue system COSPAS-SARSAT. ARB has built-in receiver GPS / GALILEO / GLONASS. The device is intended for equipping of river and sea vessels of various classes. ASNAP-M2 has a water sensor that is activated automatically when immersed in water, thereby separating unit activates for a free ascent. Meets the requirements of the Cospas-Sarsat - C / S T.001, C / S T.007 and the requirements of IEC60945 and IEC 61097, as well as the rules of the Technical Supervision during Construction of Ships and Manufacture of Materials and Products for Ships.

ASNAP ARB-M2 is certified by Russian Register of Shipping.

EPIRB transmits a distress signal on frequency 406.040 MHz. ASNAP-M2 has a special homing beacon operating at 121.5 MHz, which allows to use the device during the rescue services operations for the detection of objects in distress. As the device detects and transmits the coordinates of an accident at sea and the river. In addition to the homing beacon EPIRB is equipped with flashing light for night work. Power ASNAP-M2 is provided for at least 48 hours.

  • Carrier frequency - 406.040 MHz and 121.5 MHz
  • The long-term frequency stability - ± 5 kHz
  • Power - 5W
  • Continuous operation time - 48 hours
  • Working temperature - 40 ° C + 55 ° C
  • Dimensions - 459 x 159 mm,
  • Weight - 2.7 kg
  • RMRS
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