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MP-406 - is a new generation satellite EPIRB. It works at a frequency of 4 MHz in the international search and rescue system COSPAS-SARSAT. Operating range is about 3 nautical miles. It is recommended to install the unit on the open deck. EPIRB is designed to determine the location of the object in distress, as well as for transmission over satellite communication channel information. Suitable for all types of vessels. It complies with IMO GMDSS and abuse and the COSPAS-SARSAT technical regulations on the safety of maritime transport, technical regulation on the safety of objects of inland waterway transport.


MP-406 is certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.


It works by applying a signal at a frequency of 121.5 MHz and svetoprobleskovogo fire rescue vehicle approaching. Energy-saving technology allows the device to work in the next 48 hours. beacon occurs code Programming MMSI, registered in the COSPAS-SARSAT system. ARB Programming is a special programming device that connects to a Windows computer running the operating system.


The device is equipped with a hydrostatic separation mechanism, which allows to emerge MP-406 with a depth of 4 meters.
  • The frequency - 406.025 MHz ± 2 kHz
  • The output power of 406.025 tract - 5-7 W ± 2 dB
  • Messaging Formats - Batch code MMSI
  • Working temperature - -20 ° C +55 ° C
  • Battery life - 4 years
  • Modulation: Phase - 1.1 radians
  • The frequency - 121.5 MHz ± 3 kHz
  • Output power - 50 mW
  • Modulation - AM

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