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McMurdo E8

The McMurdo E8 COSPAS-SARSAT emergency beacon is a new ARB that provides faster distress detection at 406 MHz thanks to its compatibility with MEOSAR QUADROTECH EPIRB. Also, an emergency beacon allows you to determine the location with greater accuracy by obtaining coordinates from a wider range of satellite constellations.

The emergency beacon is activated automatically when immersed in water from 1 to 4 meters. The SmartFind E8 hull includes mounts that allow you to retrofit previous McMurdo auto hull units when upgrading your ships.

Technical details:

  • Overall dimensions, weight: 423 x 104 x 103 mm (with antenna, antenna 206 mm), 710 g.
  • Output power: on the channel 406 MHz: 5 W; on the channel 121.5 MHz: not less than 100 mW.
  • Time of continuous operation: at least 48 hours at a temperature of -20 ° C.
  • Safe distance to the magnetic compass: 0.65 m.
  • The battery of built-in batteries consisting of lithium cells of the type Energizer, type L91, AA 3 x 2, (3 x 3.6 V) 10.8 V DC (storage period - 5 years).
  • Software Version: 23-507Z
  • GPS receiver (McMurdo SMARTFIND G8 / Kannad Marine Safe Pro only):
  • Receiver Sensitivity: -167 dBm (minimum)
  • Number of channels: 72
  • Operating frequencies: 1575.42 MHz (GPS, GALILEO), 1602.00 MHz (GLONASS)

McMurdo E8 emergency beacon has RMRS approval

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