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SmartFind S10 AIS MOB Device

SmartFind S10 AIS MOB Device is an innovative hand-held security device that includes both AIS (Automatic Identification System) and GPS technology. It is designed to help the crew / crew member who fell into the sea (fell overboard). SmartFind S10is waterproof, buoyant and compact, intended for transportation by divers, crew and all who work or carry out activities on the water. SmartFind S10 transmits information about the victims, including structured alert messages, GPS location information and serial identification number. The built-in high-precision GPS receiver provides accurate position information, which is often updated to help in quick searching for people. The signal transmitted by the device will be received by the AIS receivers and coast stations.  

SmartFind S10 - floating, waterproof, transmits signals from the depth of water to 60 meters, can be used continuously for 24 hours and has a battery life of 5 years. Also it is equipped with a flashing light indicator, which helps to attract attention after dark. 

  • Manual activated personal safety device for saving persons in difficulty
  • Sends GPS information about the tracking purpose for AIS
  • Serial identification number and location report messages are sent every minute
  • Compact and lightweight for imperceptible transport
  • Waterproof, floating and completely submersible up to 60 meters
  • Flashing LED
  • Minimum 24 hours of continuous operation
  • 5 years battery life
  • Warning is sent to all AIS-enabled equipment within a 4 mile radius  

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