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Receipt of equipment Samyung

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JRC JMA-3300

JRC JMA-3300

The company Communications and Radio Navigation offers you radars from JRC-series JMA-3300 for small-size fleet (up to 300 tons).

26.09.2018 We inform you about the receipt of the Samyung equipment warehouse:

       Hydrostatic Component SAMYUNG SEH-02


       MF / HF Radio installation SRG-150 SAMYUNG 


       Receiver NAVTEX SNX-300 (SAMYUNG)


       Radar transponder (ship and rescue equipment), type Samyung SAR-9


       VHF SAMYUNG STV-160


       Satellite ARB COSPAS-SARSAT, type Samyung SEP-500 with built-in GPS-receiver


Equipment Samyung in stock in St. Petersburg. You can make an order by contacting the sales department:  sales@cirspb.ru  and by phone in St. Petersburg: +7 (812) 679-09-10.

For questions of cost and quantity, please call in St. Petersburg: +7 (812) 679-09-10.

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