Samyung SAR-9

Samyung SAR-9
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Search and rescue transponder SAR-9 is part of GMDSS equipment and fully meets the requirements of IMO Resolutions A.802 (19), A.694 (17). SART is designed to increase the reliability of detection crews distress. SAR-9 is equipped with LED indication on the inclusion of blue, equipped with self-diagnostic function.
Construction Samyung SAR-9 waterproof, installed with a bracket from which the emergency search and rescue transponder is removed and installed on the rescue vehicle to a height of at least 1 meter. The freely floating state work SAR-9 is not possible. To get started, SAR-9 lift the safety clip. RLS automatically translated switch to 'ON'.
  • Operating frequency range: 9200 - 9500 MHz
  • Receiver sensitivity is effective - not less than 50 dB / W
  • Power radiated effective - not less than 400 mW
  • The duration of the response signal: 80 - 100 ms
  • Delayed response signal with respect to the interrogation of not more than 0.4 ms
  • Operating temperature range -20 C + 55 C
  • Relative humidity at t = 45 C and 98%

Certificate RMRS
Certificate RMRS 'SAR-9'
Brochure 'SAR-9'

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