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Samyung SNX-300

Samyung SNX-300
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NAVTEX receiver SNX-300, manufactured by Samyung ENC Co., Ltd, is the development in 2005 and the new requirements of the National Maritime Administration of the Russian Federation stated in TET DMT-29/53-09 number, as well as meet international convention requirements contained in resolutions IMO (A.694) 17 and MSC.148 (77). Has type approval by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and Russian River Register.

This unit is designed for a permanent watch, both at international and national channels receiving information (518 kHz, 490 kHz, 4209.5 kHz). 



The apparatus has an expanded nonvolatile memory for storing the received messages (at least 200 messages volume average 500 characters), and a built-in self test.  

receives information displayed on the LCD display, and high contrast can be printed.  

SNX-300 apparatus comprises two receivers, one of which operates at a frequency prescribed by the Radio Regulations for the International NAVTEX (518 kHz), the second can work simultaneously with the first at other frequencies for the transmission of NAVTEX information. The first receiver has priority in providing the information on the screen or printer. Getting information from one receiver does not prevent reception of information by another receiver.  

receiver SNX-300 with LCD screen is fully automated, has a compact, lightweight and easy to install housing, automatically checks the connection to the antenna after power-up, has a visual and audible alarm:  

- receive messages ,  
- on an existing fault.  

receiver has extended volatile memory for storing received messages (at least 200 posts in volume, on average, 500 characters) and built-in self-test.  

receives information displayed on the LCD screen with high contrast resolution of 320x240 pixels. Display of new messages received immediately appears on the screen and stored until until confirmed or within 24 hours after receipt. Displayed at least 16 lines of text messages.  

Displays information on paper made using the printer connected. Messages are displayed in the following form:

  • upon receipt of all posts;
  • all messages stored in the memory;
  • all messages received on specified frequencies, messages from specified locations or messages that have special messages determinants;
  • all communications submitted to the screen at the moment;
  • separate sample of those messages that are on the screen.

There NMEA port to transfer information in ECDIS. 



Technical characteristics
Receiving frequency 490, 518 kHz 4209.5
Receive Mode F 1 B
Sensitivity less than 2 mV
Frequency deviation ± 10 Hz
LCD Screen Size 5.6 '
Screen Resolution 320x240 pixels
Overall dimensions 255x163x75 mm
Weight 2.6 kg
Active Antenna 50 ohms
Supply voltage DC 12 V ? 36 V  
AC 110 V/220 V with power supply (SP-300AD)
Power consumption 3 W - tracking mode  
6W - receiving mode messages
Operating Temperature Range - 15 ° C ? + 55 ° C (the receiver unit, power supply)  
- 25 ° C ? + 60 ° C (antenna unit)



Standard equipment:


  • Receiver unit SNX-300
  • Antenna SAN-300
  • RG58 antenna cable with 2 connectors 15 m (maximum allowable cable length 30 m)
  • Mounting kit and spare parts SNX-300-A;
  • Power cable with connector 3 m
  • Ground cable with clamp 1 m
  • Accessory Kit to the antenna SNX-300 ANT-A
  • User manual in Russian
  • Individual RMRS certificate
  • Individual Certificate PPP (Optional)


Optional equipment:


  • buffer breeder 3 NMEA port SB-232
  • backlight SRG-528
  • Power Supply SP-300AD
  • DPU-414 printer
Certificate RMRS
Certificate RMRS SNX-300
Brochure 'SNX-300'

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