Hydrostat Samyung SEH-02

Hydrostat Samyung SEH-02
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Hydrostat Samyung SEH-02

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SEH-02 - the hydrostatic device is manufactured Samyung, designed for use with an emergency beacon Samyung Sep-406. In the event of an emergency, hydrostatic SEH-02 has the task of disconnecting the ARB with the ship. Hydrostat SEH-02 is simple to install, easy to use and safe to use, reliable in handling an emergency. According to the requirements of classification societies, hydrostatic replacement should be performed every 2 years.

Performance Standards for VDR 26.11.2016 Performance Standards for VDR
Performance Standards for VDR Annex 26. Resolution MSC.163 (78) of 17 May 2004 year.

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