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Samyung SRG-150DN

Samyung SRG-150DN
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Samyung SRG-150DN - MF / HF radio installation designed to provide crews of sea and river vessels with MF / HF radio communication as GMDSS equipment. The large LCD display of the SRG-150DN displays the channel, frequency and transmit / receive state. The buttons of large size are very convenient for use, and the body of the radio station is made of thick aluminum material.

Since the SRG-150DN consists of one unit, it does not take a lot of space to install and operate the device. Thanks to the use of a new digital computational synthesizer, the SRG-150DN has high sound quality, reliability, reception sensitivity, selectivity.
The Samyung SRG-150DN is approved by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

The basic composition of the radio installation Samyung SRG-150DN includes:

  • Transceiver with built-in DSC controller;
  • Antenna matching device SAТ-100 with cables;
  • Microphone SM-1150;
  • Remote speaker;
  • Emergency lamp;
  • Connecting cables;
  • Set of installation materials;
  • Manual.


  • Frequency range (MHz): transmitter - 1.6 ~ 27.5 (in steps of 10Hz); receiver - 0.5 ~ 29.99 (in steps of 10Hz)
  • DSC class: "A" (in accordance with ITU Recommendation ITU-R M.493-14, M.541-10)
  • Radiated power (W): SRG-150DN - 150W
  • Class of radiation: J3E (USB); F1B (FSK); H3E (only RX)
  • Software version: DSC - 01.00; Telex - SY-1.00
  • Operating temperature range: -15 ° C ~ + 55 ° C

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