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Control panels Valkom

Control panels are available in the following types:

  • Control panels for cargo operations of POGO;

  • Control panels of the central control station in the MOC CCP;

  • Control panels for ballast operations.

The control panel is a metal console consisting of one or more sections. The dimensions of the sections are consistent with the customer. The console is mounted on the foundation, which is fixed to the deck of the room. The design of the consoles is made in accordance with the requirements of the Rules of RMRS and other classification societies. Any desired equipment can be installed in the consoles.

The boards have the following protection:

  • in the wheelhouse - IP22;

  • in the engine room - IP44.

To connect the equipment installed on the control panels and supply external cables in the section, terminal boards / blocks with the number of terminals selected from the calculation of all cores of internal installation and the conductors of external cables are mounted, plus 10%. External cables come from below.

Vertical and horizontal cable ducts (ducts) are built into the console for fastening the cable harnesses / cables. In the sections of the wheelhouse control panels, power supply devices, test indicator lamps and backlight devices with red lamps are mounted, with the brightness adjustment of the illumination, handrails.

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