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TSS / Control

TSS / Control
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TSS / Control - an integrated control system for the technical means of the vessel is created for the management of technical means of ships (ISTCS). It provides a centralized control over the operation of all vessel equipment, emergency alarms in a non-emergency situation. TSS / Control is a hardware-software package, which includes:

  • Operator station (OS) ATLM.421229,

  • Local technological station (LTS) ATLM.421134, with built-in OS

  • The panel of the generalized emergency alarm system (OAPS) ATLM.468232,

  • The uninterruptible power supply (UPS) ATLM.468364,

  • The system for monitoring the capacity of machine personnel (SKDMP), ATLM.468512,

  • The light signal column in the machine rooms, ATLM.421571,

  • The panel of automatic signals of alarm signaling, АТЛМ.421572,

  • The panel of reception of fuel and oil (ППТМ) АТЛМ.421569,

  • A set of sensors and instruments, in accordance with the approved technical documentation (ATLM.460451.001TU).

* The number of ISTC components is determined by the project.

The information on the state of the ship's equipment is transmitted via communication channels to the local technological station, from where, after processing and grouping, it is transferred to operator stations, on the monitors of which the status of systems and equipment is displayed.

ISU TC TSS / Control is an open system that allows integrating subsystems from any modern manufacturers into it.

All ISU TC TSS / Control equipment is certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.


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