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The system of water inlet alarms in cargo holds TSS / WIAS provides emergency light and sound signaling when water is detected in cargo holds and ballast tanks.

When the water reaches the level of at least 0.3 m in the hold, an appropriate sound and light signal is applied to the bridge, the second signal to the bridge the cargo hold.

The TSS / WIAS signaling system is implemented in compliance with the requirements of the IMO Resolutions, Rule 12 of Chapter XII and Rule 25 of Chapter II-1 of the SOLAS Convention, the Rules of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and the Russian River Register.

The system includes universal level detectors UTS (degree of protection IP68), providing a signal in contact with water.

When installed in holds where explosive mixtures are possible, the signaling devices are delivered in explosion-proof design to ensure intrinsic safety of the circuits.

The ARSH or 24VDC battery (emergency source) that meets the requirements for an emergency source and provides power to the system for at least 18 hours.

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