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Automatic alarm system

The automatic alarm system provides control of alarm signals: General Alarm, Abandon ship, Manual alarm.

On the panel of the machine there are three buttons and the brightness control of the illumination of the lamps - to change the brightness of the indicators:

  • the "Alarm" button - General Alarm;

  • "Leave ship" button; Abandon ship;

  • "Manual alarm activation" button -Manual;

* Pressing button 1 activates the "Leave ship" alarm mode; in this mode, a signal of the form '1 short - 1 long' is triggered, all the time the button

* Pressing button 2 turns on the alarm mode "General alarm"; in this mode, a signal of the form '7 short - 1 long' is triggered, while the button is not pressed all the time.

* By pressing Button 3, the "Manual alarm" alarm mode is activated; In this mode, a continuous continuous signal is triggered while the button is held down.

The system automatically turns off (does not respond to any external signal), when a signal comes to open from the radio broadcast system. In case of pressing two buttons No. 1 and No. 2 simultaneously, the machine will turn on the "General alarm" mode. 

Characteristics :

  • The main supply voltage is 24V DC;

  • Power consumption - 30 Watts.

Input signals type dry contact:

  • from the fire detection alarm circuit.

  • from the office;

  • from a radio broadcast system

Output signals:

  • to bells and sirens of alarm signaling - 6 signals 220 V, 50 Hz, 3A;

  • in the ISU TS - dry contact.

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