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TSS / Cargo

TSS / Cargo
TSS / Cargo
TSS / Cargo
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The main function of the TSS / Carg o system is to control the loading and unloading of liquid cargo on tankers, chemical carriers, and gas carriers, as well as the state of the ship's ballast system

TSS / Cargo provides:

  • signaling in the event of a malfunction or other abnormal condition of the technical means of the vessel;

  • emergency calls for mechanics;

  • control of the working capacity of technological personnel;

  • management of all technological operations and all equipment of the vessel.

the TSS / Cargo system includes:

  • a local technological station installed in the wheelhouse;

  • two computers working in the "hot" backup mode;

  • Generalized alarm panel;

  • the panel of the control of working capacity of technological personnel;

  • UPS cabinet;

  • signal columns for ten signals in a machine room.

All information about the condition of equipment and vessel systems from the sensors is constantly fed to the local technological station, where it is preprocessed and grouped, and then transmitted to computers on the monitors of which are reproduced in an operator-friendly form. When the critical parameters of loading / unloading are reached, an alarm is triggered and a light and sound signal is sent to the alarm panel. At the same time, sound and light signals are sent to the siren and a flashing yellow lamp. 

The system is simple to handle, easy to install and does not require any special maintenance costs. TSS / Cargo complies with the requirements of IMO and classification societies for oil tankers.

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