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Samyung SRG-2150

Samyung SRG-2150DN - MF / HF GMDSS radio station with an output of 150 W
Structurally SRG-2150DN consists of a single block, inside which blocks transceiver 6 channel scanning receiver DSC DSC controller, as well as controls and LCD display.
SRG-2150DN meets the requirements of the National Maritime Administration of the Russian Federation, has type approval by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and Russian River Register, as well as meet international convention requirements contained in IMO resolution (A.806) 19, MSC.68 (68), A. 694 (17) and ITU-R Recommendation M.493-10, M.451-8, M.625-3 for GMDSS equipment (Class 'A'). The radio contains all the channels defined in the Radio Regulations ITU.
Radio stations are designed for installation on ships, boats and fishing vessels engaged on voyages in sea areas A1/A2/A3/A4. as well as floating drilling installation. Due to the small dimensions of the radio can be easily mounted on ships of various classes, including small size.
The radio has a built-in self-diagnostic system that allows you to verify the embedded and external power station.
For use in the complex GMDSS MF / HF radio system further manned supply / charger SP-1250ADC with automatic changeover to standby power supply with audible and visual alarm, telex terminal SN-100, remote block the distress SD-250.
  • Large LCD-display with adjustable brightness (8 levels)
  • On the LCD-display simultaneously displays: transmit and receive frequencies, channel number, power output level, modulation type, the received signal level, etc.
  • Choice of the working channel of the memory (300 channels) and the input frequency transmission and reception using the keypad.
  • Scanning frequencies and channels.
  • Three levels of output power
  • Integrated 6-channel DSC watch receiver scans on the following frequencies: 2187.5 / 4207.5 / 6312 / 8414.5 / 12577 / 16804.5 kHz.

Specifications MF / HF radio
Technical characteristics
Frequency band TX: 1.6 - 27.5000 MHz (10 Hz step)  
RX: 0.5 - 29.9999 MHz (10 Hz step)
Mode Simplex, half duplex
Modulation Types J3E, H3E, F1B/J2B
Impedance 50 ohms
Current consumption (at a voltage of 24V DC) TX - max 15 A (SRG-2150DN)  
TX - max 25 A (SRG-2250DN)  
RX - max 2.5 A
Temperature range -15 ° C +55 ° C.
Dimensions (mm) 288 (W) x 312 (H) x 166 (D)
The type of radiation and power J3E (150W), F1B (100W), H3E (75 W): SRG-1150DN  
Type of generator Synthesizer
Bandwidth Not more than J3E (3 kHz), F1B (0.5 kHz)
Two-tone signal Disaster 1300, 2100 Hz
Sensitivity No worse J3E (3 mV), F1B (3 mV), H3E (6 mV) (20 dB SINAD)
DSC watch receiver
Receiving frequency 2187.5, 4207.5, 6312, 8414.5, 12577, 16804.5 kHz
The type of radiation F1B
Data transfer rate 100 baud
Frequency deviation 10 Hz.

Telex terminal  
Telex terminal SN-100 is designed to connect to the MF / HF radio for ships engaged on voyages in sea areas A3/A4. SN-100 meets all national and international regulations, has type approval by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and Russian River Register as part of MF / HF radio and SRG2150DN, has built telex modem and comes with an external keyboard Russified. To connect the printer to the terminal and the lamp emergency lighting. Terminal can completely Russified and process messages with Cyrillic and Latin characters, and also has built-in diagnostics that enables self-test as telex terminal and inspect all MF / HF radio
  • 10.4 'color LCD display with adjustable brightness (5 levels)
  • Simultaneously displaying on the display: the reception frequency and the transmission output power level, channel number, the current date and time, etc.
  • Storage of up to 100 sent and received messages.
  • Ability to print messages when you use a special printer or printer DPU.414 interface CENTRONICS.
  • Specifications telex terminal
Telex terminal SN-100
Protocol 625, 476-4, 490, 491, 492-3 & F130 CCIR
Receive Mode ARQ (automatic request), CFEC (estimated error correction), SFEC (sampling error correction)
Memory 16M
Center frequency 1700 Hz
Modulation rate 100 baud (ARQ, FEC)
Modulation AFSK

Standard equipment MF / HF radio Transceiver watch receiver, DSC controller in a single package
  • SAT-100  Antenna matching unit with unsoldered cables: SAT-100-10M (10 m), SR-8U-10M coaxial cable (10 m)
  • SM-1150  Microphone
  • SS-10W4  External Speaker
  • EMG-LIGHT  lamp emergency illumination
  • SRG-1150-AR  connecting cables
  • SSB-AK  Installation and fastening material
  • SRG1150DN-MR  user manual in Russian
  • SRG1150DN-PE  Howto distress in Russian
  • Individual RMRS certificate
  • Individual Certificate PPP (Optional)
  •   Additional equipment

SAN-308  Whip transmitting antenna 8 m
SAN-30R  Whip desk (DSC) 4 m antenna
SP-1250ADC  power supply / charger 110 - 220V AC/24V DC / 40A - 4 customers
SB-232  Buffer 1 x 3 NMEA
SJ-252  Distribution electric power
SN-100  telex terminal comprising: Lat / Russian keyboard, printer OKI Microline 280 with fastening unit alarm SD-250, paper holder, cable connection to the radio, the cable connecting the printer, spare fuses, paper roll, installation materials, instructions for Users in Russian.


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